TBA EAST TN REGIONAL CONFERENCE featuring Dr. Geoff Williams

Dr. Geoff Williams, Auburn University

TBA’s East TN Region has announced their Regional Conference will be held on Saturday, August 27th from 8:50am-3:00pm, in Athens, TN. Dr. Geoff Williams, Auburn University, is the keynote speaker. There will be 10 classes offered, for beekeepers of all levels. $10 for TBA members, $15 for non-members (no cost for 16 and under). Details are available on the Facebook Group.

Location is just off of Interstate Exit 49, 101 Regional Park Drive, Athens, TN 37303.

To register for this event, go to: http://tba46.wildapricot.org/event-4887520/Registration

7:45am Registration
8:50 Opening Remarks
9:00 Dr. Geoff Williams, Keynote, main room
9:00 Welcome to the world of beekeeping an in-depth look at a live colony of bees, Melissa Kinser, small room
10:00 Bee Diseases. How to Diagnose and Treat, Jay Heselschwerdt
10:00 Live demo and class on how to graft queens. Chris Kinser, small room
11:00 Dr. Geoff Williams
11:00 How to Get Started in Beekeeping Cathy Lowden, small room
11:45-1:00 lunch break
1:00 Novel hive structures for treatment-free sustainable beekeeping Larry Millet
1:00 Live demo and class on how to inspect for tracheal mites Steve Sweeney, small room
2:00 Dr. Geoff Williams
2:00 What to do if your hive is queenless Coley O’Dell, small room
2:45 Commencement