TBA Benefits for Local Associations

Tennessee Beekeepers Association has 44 affiliated associations with 1,760 members (as of January 15, 2020). It only takes six local members to join the TBA for the association to be affiliated and have a seat on our board of directors. (The TBA web site lists ALL beekeeping organizations, regardless of TBA affiliation for the benefit of prospective beekeepers.)

Individual beekeepers receive the TBA newsletter and are part of a unified voice of beekeepers in the state. There are also benefits to local clubs who become affiliated with the TBA:

2021 Grant information: Tennessee Beekeeper Association (TBA) affiliated local associations may apply for a $200 grant in 2021 which may be used for an educational project/item, short course/beginning beekeeper class, or to purchase a hive kit. A written request from the local association must be submitted to the Treasurer (by e-mail or postal mail) who will share with the Executive Committee for approval by April 1, 2021 (deadline extended from March 1). Project, program, class, or purchase must be completed and a written summary report provided to the Treasurer by October 1. Activity reports will be published in the HIVE TOOL to share with all affiliated state associations. If a local association fails to provide a summary report in the given year, that local association will be ineligible for grant funding in the following year.”
Please contact your Regional Vice President if you have any additional questions.