2020 TBA Conference CANCELED

July 24, 2020:

While there is no real answer about the impact of Covid-19 on any given future date, to look forward only 10 weeks in the future while viewing present conditions, seems to bring a rather bleak picture and grim forebodings.  Personally, I would rather keep my health, and the health of my friends and associates, as pristine as my efforts will allow. 

Plans for the 2020 Fall TBA Conference are still solid, but I did not allow for a pandemic.  

Face masks, social distancing, disinfectants, and personal hygiene are all good, sound, and effective practices to prevent contagions, but our plans do not allow the space, nor the facilities, to implement these applications.  In light of this, the planned 2020 Fall TBA Conference, has been canceled.

Please take care of yourselves in this difficult time, 

Carey Mitchell
TBA Executive Vice President